About Us

About Us

At NicoBros, we provide free summaries of business and investment books.

We aim to offer top-notch knowledge to executives worldwide. We do so through summaries of the most recent and relevant books. This makes our readers the best-read and smart players in the world.

If our website fails to impress you, no other website can…

We built NicoBros with the intention of sharing our love for books and their summaries. We aim
to speed-up our learning and that of our readers with us. Here is what we are all about:

  • Our team of experts reads a mix of the leading non-fiction books in the world.
  • They summarize the key lessons and their take away from the book.
  • The readers can grasp the main points of a whole book in a matter of few minutes.

We hope our website will enable you to become wiser, better, fitter and all that you want to

Please feel free to contact us for further information. Privacy is our primary concern; please read our Privacy Policy.