How to Invest: Best Ways to Grow Your Money

How to Invest

Are you dreaming of becoming rich and wealthy? Earning money is only the first stone, you need to step over many others. The significant thing is that you don’t let your money slip away from your grasp. Moving on, you need to expand the boundary and grow it. For this growth, you should know how to invest in the right thing.

How to Invest and Grow Your Money?

During your journey as an investor, you will use your money to achieve the things that can offer you the profits in return. Following are the ways by which you can get the return:

  1. Dividends and interests from the saved money or bonds and stocks that can pay the dividend
  2. From real estate or business, cash flow
  3. Value’s importance and appreciation from assets, real estate, or a stock portfolio.

As you travel to your destination, you will start to utilize your bound resource on things that can return you with the highest potential. In other words, using your money for such things that can give you more in return. It can be amended a three-family house, returning to school, or covering the debt.

No doubt, it might point towards buying bonds, mutual funds, or stocks as well.

With the wonders of technology, you can begin investing from a smartphone with no more than just 5 dollars each month. We will help you choose the right fish from the very start, understand the basics, and create healthy decisions concerning the investment. After all, it is our job!

Let’s start with the basics of wise investment.

“Earning money is only the first stone, you need to step over many others.”

Why Should You Invest?

With the potential of compound returning, you can expand your money with the passing time. Yeah, that is quite wonderful.

If we are talking about magic, compounding can nicely fit the description. With the freedom of time, compounding can increase one penny if not more to millions and billions of dollars. If you are thinking about your age, let us give you some examples.

Let’s say that you begin investing at 16…

It might sound unbelievable and ear-popping to start investing when you are so young, but let’s consider it anyway. You have got a tiny inheritance, and you choose something better and invest it. In a bank, you deposit 5,000 dollars. The interest rate is no more than 7%, and you contribute 200 dollars each month as extra. You will have 264,000 dollars right after the passage of 30 years. Are your eyes twinkling?

Let’s use a more believable and realistic example. Consider that you invest just after your graduation at 22…

You have 401k, and you start pouring 50 dollars each month into it. Meanwhile, the company match is 50%.

“Thus if you begin saving now and start the journey with only a cycle, you will have a salary worth a whole year.”

Once you are 65 and have wrinkles, you will have over 1 million dollars. However, you will have to increase the contributions according to the pay. It tells about a higher 3.5% annually with the return of 8.5% when it comes to the investments of 401k. A smile must be lingering on your face by now…

If the journey is smooth and there are no stones on the road, you will get to this example. After all, there are many essential elements to think about as well.

Thus if you begin saving now and start the journey with only a cycle, you will have a salary worth a whole year. What about the age? Well, you will not be walking with a cane since you will only be 30 by that time.

Want to know how? Just peek at the chart which is down below.

What Is the Right Time to Invest?

By now you should know why you to turn your attention to investment. Now, let’s tell you about when is the right time to catch the fish.

You don’t have to wander into the desert to find this answer. After all, you are hungry at the moment, the right time to catch the fish is…now! Invest without wasting even a second.

“Anything will intimidate you if you are doing it for the very first time.”

We know that investing might sound intimidating and you may feel the shivers. Sure, there is a risk of losing your savings. However, you should not forsake a higher potential of gaining more.

Anything will intimidate you if you are doing it for the very first time. It can be even more terrifying if it concerns the cash that you have earned by working immensely hard. So, we are advising the first-timers.

First Timers and Investment

Investing is more or less like a whole religion. Individuals have potential opinions and thoughts. They might even belong to the said school. Few of them that wreck the mind are: (to represent these groups, add some colors or graphics)

  1. Some people know for sure that our budget will collapse and fall to the ground. So, they glue their savings to real estate and gold. They are Doomsday Preppers.
  2. You might have seen some individuals in the movies who have nothing but televisions and monitors covering their walls and desks. Their offices are always glowing with lights of screens. They are monitoring the stock changes every single time. They are Gambling Day-Traders.
  3. Some people have dollar signs in their eyes. They are investing on and on without caring about the dead-end. Such people want to get benefits from a slow increase in the whole value. The seepage of even a little water into the lake is enough for them. They are Indexers.

If you belong to any of the above groups, you might not be able to find an investment in money under thirty, suitable. However, the story doesn’t end just here. If your imagination is vaster and you want to know simple plans for long-lasting and effective investment, trek your eyes down.

Read on, if you wish to evade gimmicks. We will tell you how to catch the fish, in the cold, with only your hands.

Risks and Rewards

Whenever it is about investment, there are risks. No doubt, it is true.

If we talk about the Great Recession or the Great Depression, we all have heard some large and tensing stories about them. Such stories always mention the investors whose half candies-fortunes were lost.

Even the scam affecting the investors and Bernie Madoff is not alien to us. We have got the whispers one way or the other. Sure, it is impossible to castrate risks, but the wise investment can certainly reduce them to extreme levels.

Investing when you are young is magical. It is like the start of a very smooth and fruit-bearing journey. You are investing for more extended periods. For example, your retirement savings. Additionally, such investments are not risky like the trading of quick-fix stock.

While doing so, people don’t know that they are gradually walking towards quick-sand.

Investing is risky and it better to deal with such risks. After all, you lose more money without investing than investing poorly.

Can you remember, we had a conversation about compound interest? The key player is that you earn more if you save sooner. However, the same thing cannot be said about fishes. Peek here to know about the difference if you start at 35 and if you start at 25. Keep your eyes blazing because you might be letting thousands of dollars slip away if you are starting later?

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What Is Investment?

Continue Investing Is the Key Philosophy

With a combination of ETFs and low-cost mutual funds, develop a vast diversification. But don’t forget the fun. Hold individual stocks up to ten percent regarding your assets and enjoy.

Your choice about the funds and the stocks are not going to affect your success. Efficient investment relies on:

  1. Arranging a proper allocation of assets. By assets, we mean the combination of cash, stocks, and bonds.
  2. Developing and gluing yourself to an investment strategy that is automatic. This way you evade jumping into the well out of a rash decision. In other words, you don’t make decisions by your emotions.

Investment is the ocean, and your skills take you to the bottom. There are so countless fishes swirling in there. The data concerning Money under 30 is not enough to catch even a few of them. With us, you will get the knowledge that you need.

“With a combination of ETFs and low-cost mutual funds, develop a vast diversification.”

Mutual Funds

Cannot understand the term? Let us simplify it.

An investment with expert management and capable of pooling your money with that of other investors is a mutual fund.  Managers of this fund use this mixed jelly to get securities for the members or group.

Without your hands in the water, you should not invest in bonds and individual stocks. Such funds give you the entrance to another vast world of bonds and stocks in a single transaction. Yeah, you don’t have to trade them yourself.

Mutual funds are safer due to the diversification. And this way of investment is also inexpensive. You have to pay for the commission of only one trade. Sometimes, have to pay for none. You purchase this fund directly from the company in an event. Meanwhile, stocks have a different story to tell.

From any brokerage account, you can buy the funds. However, buying them from the company like Charles Schwab can help you save money on commissions.

Retirement Accounts

For your retirement, incentives or some specific tax benefits are provided by an IRA. Whenever we talk about retirement, you picture wrinkles and a wooden chair, don’t you?

The limitations concern the contribution to the account and withdrawal.

Traditional IRA

On the tax return, this account may allow deductions on your contributions. The risk of growing your earnings tax-deferred is also present. With a Traditional or Normal IRA, the basic discussion is that the bracket of tax will be lower on them when the time of their retirement comes. So, giving taxes will be cheaper at this stage than paying them when earning. After all, the up-front deduction is also hanging like a sword over the head.

Roth IRA

Your journey with a Roth IRA is beneficial. Your saving can be free of tax as you continue saving and they are majorly after-tax as well. Just who wants to pay tax after growing old? No one!

Here, you free yourself from such a horrid curse. Whenever you withdraw, you don’t have to pay the tax sadly! We recommend this account to those who are conscious about their retirement. You are again thinking about that cane, aren’t you?

Rollover IRA

An account’s rollover makes this account. 401k is an example which the company sponsors. Let’s say that you are leaving an employer and you have a 401k account with him. You can roll over that money into this account.

For a long-term investment, your journey as a new timer will start with an IRA.

Nah, the story has yet to reach the climax. After all, we will make sure that you experience the magic with us. Trek more if you want to know some more about the places that are best for an IRA.

Other Investing Plans and Strategies

Individual Stocks

Do you still wish to make your journey broader and purchase individual stocks? Well, you should trek slowly and steadily. After all, your wobbly step can throw you down into the well. Your portfolio’s 10% is enough until you find the ground and can stand without leaning on the cane.

Value investing is a worthy place to start. You should read and let the aura wander into your mind. Here, we concentrate on “buy-and-hold” psychology and in-depth research. After all, precious gems are found in depths of the ocean.

The stock market can be intimidating and make you shudder. However, you should not cower in fear and step back. For the gradual generation of your money, it is excellent.

Real Estate

Investing in real estate can make you a millionaire. Need an example? Just turn your gaze and glance at Donald Trump. To invest in it, you don’t need to a millionaire.

If we are talking about a long-lasting investment, real estate investment pops up. For the cash flow, investors invest (it is the cash that comes from the rental properties after the payment of every other expense). With the rise in rents, cash flow will gradually grow. The water will increase until you can pick the fish up from the shore.

It is significant to know the risks nonetheless. You should be ready to evade the flying ducks all the time rather than when a duck is a blink away to hit you.

If you have the potential to be a landlord, consider it.


You can start traveling with only 1,000 dollars at a site like Fundrise that functions on crowdfunding. Don’t blink just yet…

With Crowdfunding, you get the power to invest in many interconnected ventures and real estate. Investors can give personal loans from websites like Lending Club. Anything can be covered by these loans like a wedding and debt consolidation.

Our Important Advice

If investing is alien to you, but you find it suitable to save for your oldness-err retirement… we recommend you should use Roth IRA.

A traditional brokerage account will run smoothly for you if you already have an account for your afterlife-retirement, we meant. Even for some other goals like creating a hut or building a business, it will work. Just remember that the money that you gain after selling expensive security will charge taxes.

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Do It Yourself or Find Someone to Help You?

In a situation of catastrophe, it is better to know which one is better for you. A financial advisor can offer better guidance than any other virtual advisor if can afford it. After all, expressing emotions and ideas is better face-to-face.

Some individuals like to catch the fish directly. They don’t want to rely on a fishing rod. Like them, people with enough loads of cash who prefer direct interaction may choose a financial advisor. Sometimes, people don’t want to travel and carry the burden as well. So, they give all of their worries to a financial advisor.

Wait for a second; we will talk more about it… Oh, that tea was delicious!

So, how to get this financial advisor from the dungeon? It is not that tough as long as you have the right questions. You shouldn’t ask about the origins of a UFO. If you are looking for a financial advisor, let us make sure that you don’t get lost.

This map has all the directions. Therefore, you don’t need to be confused.

Online Stock Brokers

These brokers are available online. Thus, you can do everything without even speaking which is quite great for some individuals. After all, there are some who like to plaster tape on their mouths…

Are you worried about wasting your money on expensive seafood? Well, online brokers are relatively cheaper than the usual mortar and traditional broker. Furthermore, you have to meet them directly as well.

For new timers, Ally Invest is best as an online broker. You get the cheapest around from it which is 4.95 dollars. You don’t need to buy expensive crab when a cheaper is available for you. Additionally, to open an account, the lowest funding requirement is $500.

Other choices consist of Merrill Edge, Fidelity, E*Trade, and TD Ameritrade. Are you shifting towards a brokerage account? Well, offers you the best comparison tools.


Robo-advisors introduce new magic to you. After all, you get a financial advisor’s benefits and online broker’s ease. It is a combination of jellies. Their popularity is rising as they know the right time to invest along with the meeting of someone directly.

With these, you quickly experience the wonders of bonds and stocks. Moreover, your allocations adjust according to your goals.


Having read this How to Invest: Best Ways to Grow Your Money, what is your thought? Please feel free to share your comment with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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