Think and Grow Rich Summary: Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich Summary

Think and Grow Rich Summary provides a free book summary, key takeaways, review, top quotes, author biography and other vital points of Napoleon Hill’s famous book.

Napoleon Hill is the author of this 1920s famous book Think and Grow Rich. He will remind you of the wise, old, but somewhat wacky uncle who advises on life, love, and career. This classic is a collection of suggestions. Most of these are from the ideas of Andrew Carnegie, Hill’s mentor. These tips vary from the practical to New-Age mystical talks. Apparently, like an old uncle, Hill also gets repetitive. But, as there is so much wisdom packed in this book, it makes for a great read. You will want to re-read it many times. We recommend this book to every person who is hanging from the professional ladder and wondering how to get ahead.

“One comes, finally, to believe whatever one repeats to one’s self, whether the statement be true or false… Every man is what he is because of the dominating thoughts which he permits to occupy his mind.”

This Summary Will Help You Learn

  • Why you must tap into the magic of daily confirmations;
  • How to prevent getting trapped in failures; and
  • How to form strategic plans which help you become successful.


  • Don’t get affected by small failures. Success waits typically in the shadows.
  • Build wealth using three steps: a) envision; b) have faith, and c) walk the path of success.
  • Strategies, aspirations, and hopes to increase wealth.
  • Don’t become a sufferer of bad luck.
  • Keep going even if initial efforts of positive self-motivation fail. Push on.
  • Form rich mental images of your success. Deposit money, buy jewelry and count your collection every day.
  • Higher education is not a must to gain wealth and knowledge.
  • Discipline and passion is the best mix.
  • Stay away from negative people and others who damage your dreams.
  • Most of this advice is from Hill’s mentor Andrew Carnegie.

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The Secret Wealth Generator

Hill tells Andrew Carnegie gave him the key to financial success. Carnegie is also a well-known corporate leader. When Hill was only a boy, Carnegie gave him his secret formula to generate wealth. He also challenged Hill to write a book which will explain this formula. To meet this challenge, he researched the mantras and habits of several corporate leaders. This went on for twenty years. The list of people he studied includes F.W. Woolworth, Theodore Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller and many more. It starts with the basic idea: your thoughts are the most important. With purpose and passion, your ideas can turn into wealth.

Edwin C. Barnes shows this principle. Barnes was a poor nobody. He had the passion of launching an association with Thomas Elva Edison. Barnes wasn’t familiar with Edison. He couldn’t even afford a bus ride to Edison’s office. During their first meeting, Edison cited that Barnes appeared to be a regular tramp. But, beneath that poor exterior, Edison recognized a spark of determination and promise. This spurred him to give Barnes a low-paying job. Barnes grabbed this opportunity. Naysayers disapproved of Edison Dictating Machine. But Barnes believed in it. He used this as a driver to create a successful association with Edison. Hence, Barnes went on to achieve immense success from his thoughts, persistence, faith, and determination.

The Role of Desire

If you want to become rich, merely wishing for your dreams to become true is not enough. The beginning point of every achievement is desire. But, to make it possible, you need to commit yourself to implement a plan. Only then can you attain your objectives. To build wealth from desire, adopt the following plan:

  1. Keep a mental picture of the money you seek. Have a number.
  2. Give a tag to your price. What do you want to do to get the money?
  3. Fix a timeline. Set a date by which you’ll attain the goals.
  4. Begin a worksheet with a strategy. Start.
  5. Create a short mission statement
  6. Declare it. Two times a day. Read the mission aloud.

Dreams do carry some weight. Edison’s dreams were far-fetched. He dreamed of making an electric lamp. Edison built hundreds of prototypes which failed before succeeding. The Wright Brothers planned a flying machine while the rest were fearful. Keeping his deafness behind, Beethoven made music. Milton was blind, yet an accomplished writer. Helen Keller was deaf and blind. But, all these people had one thing in common. They worked to achieve their goals and attained greatness.


Faith is visualizing and believing in the achievement of desire. You need to build faith in your ability to be successful by convincing yourself that you’ll succeed. With the correct tools, you may fill the soil of your mind with failure or success. Repeat your mission daily to make up your mind for success.

This is the process of autosuggestion. It spreads the seeds of intellectual success. This works as your brain believes nearly anything that you repeatedly tell yourself. Harmful thoughts also occupy the brain. Negative emotions like fear and doubt can dampen your success.


Autosuggestion means self-talking and motivating self. Such talks go to the subconscious brain through the five body senses. Be aware that this thing does not work if you have an automatic pilot. Believe in the message. Moving from text to deep feelings is not simple. Leap by concentrating on a fixed subject. Shut your eyes. Form a mental image of the things you want to achieve. Do this daily.

To envision your goals, use the above six steps with the below 3-stage program:

  • Go to a quiet location with no distractions. Seek a calm environment for daily revival, and review. Remind yourself of your goals there daily. Form mental images of financial success, achievements, and possessions. Envision your day of success. Be specific. On May 8, 2019, I will revel my financial freedom.
  • Give yourself a daily dose of faith. Use this approach two times a day. Don’t stop till you attain your goals.
  • Revisit your mission statement two times a day. If you see it, you’ll believe it. Read your mission the moment you wake up in the morning and the time you go to bed.

”Specialized Knowledge”

Knowledge is only facts, numbers and insights. But by organizing and planning, facts can become stronger. Collect that strength to build wealth.  Formal knowledge is not the end of your education. Many rich people spent minimal time in traditional classrooms, but they had massive experience. Edison was in school just for three months. Still, by specializing, organizing and networking, his mind became very strong. Specialization is systematic knowledge used for a specific goal. Acquire such know-how from training programs, workshops and apprenticeships.


Imagination works on two grounds. “Synthetic imagination” organizes existing strategies, ideas and concepts into new formats. “Creative imagination” creates a bridge between the human mind and the infinite universe, the field of hunches and intuition. Leading people in art, music, literature and business work in the field of creative imagination, driven by faith and desire. Your imagination is your strength. Work it out, develop it and form a written plan to translate airy dreams into solid richness. Review your plans constantly. Repetition helps a lot.

For the ideal portrayal of the monetary strength of imagination, follow the tale of “Enchanted Kettle.” Several years ago, a rural area doctor rode his horse carriage to a small city. When in the city, he argued the benefits of his plain kettle with a sales clerk. After an hour-long discussion, the young clerk gave his whole nest egg to the doctor. He bought the kettle to gain the secret formula which the doctor wrote on a paper. With that formula and imagination, the clerk went on to create Coca-Cola. That young man was Asa Candler.

“Organized Planning”

Strategic planning is both an art and science. To evolve your growth, a strong team is a must. Don’t avoid this phase. Take these actions: “Faith is the beginning of the collection of riches.”

  • Keep yourself among intelligent people. Create a support team. Use your resources and talents to help them and welcome them to help you.
  • Align your plan with frequent support team meetings.
  • Create harmony with all members of the team. 

Don’t be content with failing. If your original plan doesn’t work, follow a new one. Persevere. Find great opportunities. Research the field, the firm, and the people involved. Inventory your skills and abilities. Jot down a detailed strategy for getting the right job. Target the right people and channels. Make your CV neat, precise, relevant and thoughtful. Understand your market value. Cultivate success by preventing the signs of failed leadership. These include lack of trust and discipline, selfishness, high dependence on authority and force, etc. 

Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is a primary reason for failure. It’s your enemy. Successful leaders make meaningful and fast decisions. If you’re decisive, you can win over procrastination. Consider the insights and advice of your team. Stay away from people who hamper your drive. Avoid the trap of general opinion by disclosing your plans to only a small group of your advisors. When you declare your ideas, strategies, and goals to everyone, your chances of success reduce. Choose your audience wisely. Have faith.


Unfortunately, many people give up their dreams at the very hint of failure or challenge. Stay committed to your mission and goals. Don’t let poverty get to you. Stay away from the “poor consciousness” in which negative beliefs turn self-fulfilling. Finish the cycle of poverty by developing and believing a “richness consciousness.” Every person gets doubtful and depressed. But you can free yourself through persistence. Continue going even if you have to go slower. No one rides high mountains without slipping a few times.

“Power of the Master Mind”

Your brain has several levels. When a team works together, the vigor of their mutual ideas, thoughts, and plans to become a stronger driving force. Keep in mind humble battery. A single battery has energy. But the power of many batteries together can easily overshadow the power of a single one.  Increase your mind’s power by tapping into the endless wisdom of the team’s mind. A mastermind is greater than the power of a single individual.

Applied Sexual Energy

Sexual desire forms a special force in creativity and business. Applied properly, it’s a stronger driver for creativity, success and wealth. You need hunger to succeed in any field. This hunger improves your understanding of the “endless wisdom of the universe.”  History abounds with people who attained greatness through love and lust. Napoleon Bonaparte’s major campaigns were mainly because of the inspiration of his first wife, Josephine. Sexual drive drove Thomas Jefferson and William Shakespeare. But the majority of males don’t become successful before turning 40. This is because the creative power of sexual energy is harnessed over 40 years. With planning, willpower, and discipline, sexual force exceeds the body and produces creativity and success.

“The Subconscious Mind”

Your intuition is a link which functions beyond your voluntary thoughts. Nonetheless, you can shape and tap into the deeper chambers of your brain. Use autosuggestion to use your intuitive side. Repeat confirmations. Live in the moment. Stay away from negative feelings. Nurture hope, faith, romance, love, sex, and energy. Shun fear, jealousy, revenge, hatred, anger and greed. Have faith in the strength of prayer.

“The Brain”

Your mind is unique broadcasting and receiving station for feelings, just like a radio station. It receives and transmits signals. Try listening to the intangible energies in life. Such energies include electricity, gravity, thunder and other things which are around you. Use belief to drive your mind and attain your mission. Thoughts and belief have immense power.

“I believe in the power of desire backed by faith, because I have seen this power lift men from lowly beginnings to places of power and wealth.”

“The Sixth Sense”

The 6th sense is the direct link between a person’s subconscious and the endless wisdom of the universe. This connection signifies the repository of a person’s gut feeling and imagination. Use this power to bring you creativity, wealth and success. Review and repeat your mission. Allow the universe to give insights into your sixth sense.

Do not fear the six core fears, i.e., fear of becoming poor, getting sick, reproach, being not loved, dying and getting old. Stay away from fretting, lodging on negative thoughts or getting carried away by negative feelings. The energy of your thoughts offer mastery and also give you money.

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Think and Grow Rich Review

Every other person’s dream would be to become reach, but the question is how one can become rich, and this book has tried to answer this question. The author Napoleon Hill has used various advice for life as well as career, and most of them are derived from the idea of his mentor, Andrew Carnegie. He has suggested lots of good things for people to know how they should think in their life and what will grow them as a rich person. There can be people, who are stuck on their professional ladder and don’t know how to climb up. Napoleon Hill has provided some insightful information for such people to get ahead in their life and career. He gives utmost importance to the thinking style & patterns of people. I liked one quote from the book which states that “Every man is what he is, because of the DOMINATING THOUGHTS which he permits to occupy his mind.”

The above-mentioned quote tells the real perspective briefed in this book. It says that people are dominated by their thoughts, and so their thought process is important for their success. If someone is dominated by the thoughts that he can’t get rich ever, then it is most likely that he will never get rich. Moreover, the book explains in detail that one should not get worried due to any failures in life. Some people get trapped in their failures, and never be able to get out. The people who become rich in their lives are the ones, who faced some failures at some point in their lives, but got over those failures, learned by mistakes, and moved forward. The author asserts that one should have faith in his/her abilities and follow envision, ensuring that he/she chooses the right path to becoming rich. People should be passionate, disciplined, positive, and aspiring, and then no one can stop them from growing rich.

Think and Grow Rich Quotes

“One comes, finally, to believe whatever one repeats to one’s self, whether the statement be true or false… Every man is what he is because of the dominating thoughts which he permits to occupy his mind.”

“I believe in the power of desire backed by faith, because I have seen this power lift men from lowly beginnings to places of power and wealth.”

“Millions of men and women are paralyzed with the fear of poverty.”

“Fear of poverty is a state of mind, nothing else!”

“It takes more than a college degree to make one a person of education.”

“Money without brains is always dangerous.”

“There is not fixed prices for sound ideas!”

“No one is ’doomed’ to bad luck.”

“Faith is the starting point of all ac­cu­mu­la­tion of riches.”

“Success requires no explanation. Failure permits no alibis.”

“Dreams are not born of in­dif­fer­ence, laziness or lack of ambition.”

“Life is a checker­board and the player opposite you is time. If you hesitate before moving, or neglect to move promptly, your men will be wiped off the board by time. You are playing against a partner who will not tolerate indecision!”

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About the Author

Napoleon Hill, the author of the book Think and Grow Rich, was born in 1883. He was earlier a newspaper reporter who studied law. Hill worked for Andrew Carnegie whose opinions are shown in Think and Grow Rich. Hill recommended many famous people, including Mahatma Gandhi, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Edison.


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  1. Every plan seeks some beginning point to start it, similarly, achievement of all the objectives requires continuous hardworking. The development of desire and adaptation process makes it possible to achieve the goal. To complete the goal the timeline should be maintained and each work should be according to the worksheet strategy.

  2. Dreaming and faith are two factors to accomplish the goals. The working strategy to achieve the goal works on the base of faith. Auto suggestion is based on the subconscious state of the brain. But my question is how to find the best appropriate solution to fix the selected subjectively? How much negative emotions have an impact on the success?

    • Hi Peter,

      That’s a good question! Autosuggestion is just one of the elements for getting rich. You may refer to the book again and find other factors which help you to accumulate more assets. Burning desire and faith are critical at all.


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